One of the dogs being rescued from being abandoned in the streets of Mexico
One of the dogs being rescued from being abandoned in the streets of Mexico


Dog Gone Rescue BC was founded in 2019 and is a non-profit rescue organization based in Vancouver committed to the cause of re-homing dogs who have been rescued from shelters or are owner surrender.  When looking for a dog to add to your family adopting through a reputable rescue organization is the right thing to do.  It is key to understand the difference between adopting a dog that's been vetted by foster families and have had time to decompress after being in a shelter versus adopting a dog directly from a shelter or rescue organization where the animals have come straight from transport and their medical history, personality, and temperament are unknown.  Adopting saves lives.



Dog Gone Rescue would like to thank all adopters and rescuers for all the help they have given for the past two years, helping us rescue over 500 dogs! Excellent work guys!

Many of the dogs rescued at Dog Gone Rescue BC are brought to Vancouver BC from overseas, generally from Mexico or California. These dogs are very precious because of the circumstances they have been through.  With many dogs having suffered bad injuries like losing limbs and developing serious mental and physical issues.  Many dogs fall ill after being abandoned and aren't given the help they need. Every year dogs are put in animal shelters all around the world and given a short time to be re-homed. If unsuccessful, dogs are ultimately euthanized. At Dog Gone Rescue, we are committed to helping as much of these dogs as we can to ensure dogs get to live a good life.

Help our team by donating to the organization or join us by volunteering and fostering a dog rescued at Dog Gone Rescue BC.

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