Project Summary

The Family Guy Illustration project was an assignment to trace a cartoon character of our choice in Adobe Illustrator. This project focuses on the techniques of the pen tool and how we are able to apply different stroke weight to emphasize the character.

The objective of this project was to have a good understanding of tracing images using the pen tool and other tools provided in the illustrator toolbar. As I really enjoy watching the TV show Family Guy, I decided to draw the show’s character John Herbert. The project also required to add a title or name so I recreated the shows title using shapes and the pen tool. 

Project Details


Graphic Designer


Adobe Ilustrator


Trace a cartoon character using Adobe Illustrator


I began the process by breaking down the character into components accordingly. I then outlined each section with the pen tool, placing them into separate layers to style separately. I was then able to fill each layer with the appropriate colours to complete the design. 

Final Product


The final design was a success and I was extremely happy with the way it turned out. The character is almost identical to the original image I had chosen to trace. I mocked the design onto various products to see what they would look like if they were printed.  



The only thing I really felt challenging during this project was to match the correct stroke weights and the very intricate details around the character’s hands and support walker were quite tricky to get perfect.

All in all, I found this project very enjoyable and I learned a lot about the pen tool’s cababilities!   


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