Project Summary

This is my intro bumper video that I created for a motion graphics project at BCIT. We were instructed to create an intro bumper using shapes, keyframe animations and any other skills we had learned in Adobe After Effects. This is my first try at creating an animation graphic of my logo design.   

Project Details


Video Editor


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects


Create an intro bumper using shapes, keyframe animations and any other skills we have learned in after effects so far 


After brainstorming ideas for this project, I decided to make an animation of my logo design with added features to create a nice smooth flowing video to watch. I used my own personal logo that was created in Illustrator from a previous project plus many shapes in after effects to make a portal effect where my logo suddenly appears into the video. I also wanted to use the mask effect we learned in class to transition into drone clips I acquired from free stock provider Pexels.    

The final video production was a success. I was able to combine all the elements I put together to create a fun intro bumper video to watch. I’m happy with the final design and if you have any questions on how I created this animation please feel free to get in touch!  


The biggest challenge I faced in this project was how time-consuming it was timing the keyframes to make the shapes blend well in the animation. I found it very challenging with having to repeatedly go back over the same part to map out the right timing in the keyframes. 

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