Project Summary

Manning Park Resort’s logo redesign and style guide was created as part of a mid-term assignment for my Illustration for New Media course.

The objective of this project was to utilize all the design skills we had learned over the course of the term to do a re-design process, in particular, establishing an updated logo and style to a real world company.

I chose Manning Park Resort as I really enjoy snowboarding and after doing some research of various ski resort websites, I came to the conclusion Manning Park Resort could use a complete logo redesign.

Project Details


Graphic Designer


Adobe Ilustrator


Create a logo redesign and style guide for a real world company


For the first steps of pre-production I started googling different ski resort logos to get some inspiration from. After getting a good idea of how I wanted my logo to look and feel, I used a pen and paper to draw out rough sketches. I then used the pen tool in Illustrator to draw out rough versions. I really wanted to bring the winter feeling to the resort so I felt it would be necessary to use the winter color palette in the design. I created various rough designs before I came to one that I really thought stood out and matched what I felt showcases the winter feeling of Manning Park Resort. 



Final Product


Manning Park Resort is a ski resort based out in BC, Canada. The resort is ideally situated for your escape away from the hustle and bustle of city life, regardless of the time of year. The resort offers a wide selection of accommodations ranging from lodge rooms to cabins, chalets and group facilities.

Design Choices

I wanted to go for a clean, minimalistic and modern logo design that really brings out the wintery feeling of Manning Park Resort. Using the winter color palette and the elements included in the design to really grab the users attention and give them an understanding of what to expect when visiting the resort.  

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